Jan 08

Atomic Furs Age Policy

A question has recently come up regarding whether persons under the age of 18 can attend our sanctioned events. I have added a brief age policy to the Site Credits and Legal Stuff page, and copied it below.

Age Policy: Atomicfurs is not a limited-liability organization of any kind, we are simply a group of individual people. As such, we are unable at this time to allow persons under the age of 18 to attend our sanctioned events. We currently have no way to shield ourselves from the liability that comes from allowing minors to attend events with us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Furthermore, if you are under the age of 18, and utilize any portion of this site for any reason, you represent that you a) have parental or legal guardian’s permission to view and use our site and that b) portions of this site may contain adult language or graphics and we are not responsible if you view such content either intentionally or otherwise.

Dec 16

Tri Cities meet

On the 28th we are having a meet at Red Robin over on Columbia Center Boulevard at 6PM. If you are planning on attending you MUST RSVP HERE! The URL title says tentative, but it is fully on. This is a WordPress link naming issue. The information was just updated instead of being replaced. This establishment does not do reservations, so RSVPing lets our staff know how many to tell the hostess they will need to expect. As one of us will be there 15 minutes early to round up tables for us. If you do not RSVP, or if you are late, you may not get a seat with us.

Nov 25

Dec. 1 Staff/Admin Meeting

CANCELED The primary staff members will be sitting down at high noon. If you want to sit in on this then you MUST be out front of the restaurant waiting for us before noon. If you are running late, don’t worry about it. This is a business meeting, not a social gathering. We have a lot to talk about in a short amount of time. Sorry, but that is just how it goes. Meets will continue to be planned and held. But AF leadership needs to sit down and sort out some issues. The topics we cover will be posted here along with our decisions on them. Have a great day and see you all at the next scheduled meet. -Nao

For those of you who are already involved with our planning activities and group organization, or who would like to volunteer to do so, we are having a staff/administration meeting on December 1st, 2012. The meeting will be at 5:00pm at Cousin’s Restaurant on Road 68 in Pasco. Please arrive on time so that we may efficiently discuss items. Also please RSVP at this link by Friday November 30th at 5pm so that we may give the restaurant an estimate of the number of people going.

Nov 24

November dinner and bowling meet is still on! We are here and waiting! Cancel the cancelation.

The meet is still on, there are already some of us here and waiting! Common down to Sparetime Lanes and find us! Look for the fluffy things. Thanks to Lutra for rectifying our breakdown in communication. Stratosfear (me) totally dropped the ball. We will be fixing these issues anreckoning up with much better chain of command at the next administration meeting. If you were affected by this false cancellation notice (gas money lost example), I will even refund you up to $20 per person (max $100 total) out of my own pocket. Email me at stratosfear@atomicfurs.com with your Paypal details by November 30, 2012 and a description of how you were affected and the amount requested. I am truly sorry for this false notice and hope you will continue to come to meets with Atomicfurs in the future

Nov 01

November meets

On the 17th there is a meet in Yakima at Nob Hill bowling ally. Located at  3807 W Nob Hill Blvd. This meet is at 6Pm.


Also on the 17th there is a meet in Spokane at Lilac lanes 1112 East Magnesium Road, spokane , WA. At 3:30PM.


In the Tri Cities we have a meet on the 24th, at 5PM. Starting at the Granny’s buffet over on Canal Drive. Then migrating over to Spare Time lanes on Vineyard.

Oct 02


Here is what is going down, there is a Yakima meet on the 13th, check that out in the forums. Also going on this month the Tri-Cities furs have a Howloween event going on the 27th at 5PM. Dinner at Denny’s followed by bowling at Atomic Bowl. RSVP here http://atomicfurs.com/?event=howloween-dinner-and-bowling deadline for RSVP is the 25th at 11:59PM. Need to have a real number on those showing up so we can arrange ahead of time to make sure there will be space for us all. Spread the word.

Aug 28


First, this is my first post on the front page, so hope it works right. Down to business, Rainfurrest is coming up, it is about a month a way. The time to Pre register is coming to an end, Friday is the last day for that. I strongly suggest getting that taken care of this week if you have not done so already. Also make Hotel arrangements, you don’t want to get there and be stuck sleeping in your car. Crunch time people, crunch time.



Aug 10

“Down To Business” Dinner

We will be having a dinner meetup to finally refine and establish the structure for our group going forward. We will be meeting on August 18th at 5pm at the Shari’s restaurant in Kennewick (near the Columbia Center mall). Please use the RSVP link on the events calendar to get a rough head count. You will be responsible for the cost of your own meal. Contact Nao Shadowpaws or myself at stratosfear@atomicfurs.com with questions.

Jul 28

Scheduled Operations Meetings Cancelled Until Further Notice

Due to lack of interest, the scheduled monthly operations meetings over Skype are cancelled until further notice. We will have meetings as needed in the future, and will announce them here, preferably well in advance of any where we want comment from the group at large. As the summer comes to a close, we will be attempting to organize more formal meetups to offset the typical fall time boredom. Keep watching us here!

Jul 21

I Goofed

Yes I admit it, I totally forgot about the scheduled operations meeting until my calendar program reminded me yseterday. That’s not enough time for people to get participation request in.

To make up for this one and the last meeting that never happened, I am going to reschedule the meeting for NEXT Saturday, July 28th, at 4pm. Again, email me at stratosfear@atomicfurs.com with your Skype name to participate.

We’re still working on getting this group to be more structured, and it is proving difficult, but once we get it rolling it should be much easier. We only started this less than a year ago, after all.

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