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Nov 26

Self Registration Disabled

The self registration system on this website has been disabled due to spam registrations. I am aware that this particular website (though not the local fur community) has been inactive for some time. That is mostly my fault due to lack of time and motivation to keep it updated. I’d like to revitalize it in …

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Apr 26

April Meetup

For some reason this got posted on our FA page but not here. I do apologize for the short notice. Tomorrow, April 27th will be a park meet similar to March’s meet. We will meet at the boat launch at the end of Edison Street at Columbia Park Trail in Kennewick. Bring your fursuits, but …

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Dec 16

Tri Cities meet

On the 28th we are having a meet at Red Robin over on Columbia Center Boulevard at 6PM. If you are planning on attending you MUST RSVP HERE! The URL title says tentative, but it is fully on. This is a WordPress link naming issue. The information was just updated instead of being replaced. This establishment …

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Nov 25

Dec. 1 Staff/Admin Meeting

CANCELED The primary staff members will be sitting down at high noon. If you want to sit in on this then you MUST be out front of the restaurant waiting for us before noon. If you are running late, don’t worry about it. This is a business meeting, not a social gathering. We have a …

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Nov 24

November dinner and bowling meet is still on! We are here and waiting! Cancel the cancelation.

The meet is still on, there are already some of us here and waiting! Common down to Sparetime Lanes and find us! Look for the fluffy things. Thanks to Lutra for rectifying our breakdown in communication. Stratosfear (me) totally dropped the ball. We will be fixing these issues anreckoning up with much better chain of …

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Oct 02


Here is what is going down, there is a Yakima meet on the 13th, check that out in the forums. Also going on this month the Tri-Cities furs have a Howloween event going on the 27th at 5PM. Dinner at Denny’s followed by bowling at Atomic Bowl. RSVP here deadline for RSVP is the …

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Aug 28


First, this is my first post on the front page, so hope it works right. Down to business, Rainfurrest is coming up, it is about a month a way. The time to Pre register is coming to an end, Friday is the last day for that. I strongly suggest getting that taken care of this …

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Jul 21

I Goofed

Yes I admit it, I totally forgot about the scheduled operations meeting until my calendar program reminded me yseterday. That’s not enough time for people to get participation request in. To make up for this one and the last meeting that never happened, I am going to reschedule the meeting for NEXT Saturday, July 28th, …

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May 06

BunnyCon Pictures Are In!

I’m sorry it took a little bit of time but I needed to sit down and sort though the many pictures that I had for our Spring Barbecue.  But here are what I have so enjoy them and feel free to send any more to me at or, and please use the subject …

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Mar 17

Goldeneye Source Fun Night

Stratosfear will be hosting an online fun night for PC gamers who want to play Goldeneye Source. See this forum topic for further information.  Goldeneye Source Fun Night info